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Please consider supporting our efforts to restore Middleton Towers railway station.


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In early 2024, our organisation signed a basic asset protection agreement (BAPA) with Network Rail, which essentially kickstarts our project after over 2.5 years of background preparation.

As a community group, we rely on the public's generosity and all donations will go solely into the restoration of the station site.

How the money will be spent

  • Cost of materials.

  • Equipment hire.

  • Scaffolding hire.

Network Rail have waived a substantial five-figure asset protection fee, as they consider our project to be a non-recoverable community scheme. From hereon, crowdfunding will be crucial for our efforts, until we confirm an agreement with an organisation we are currently talking to with regards to funding. 


I founded the Middleton Towers Restoration Group in July 2021 with one initial aim; to fully restore the former railway station site to be used by the local community. As of late 2023, we are a group of over 800 supporters, ranging from railway enthusiasts, engineers and tradespeople who want to see our community effort come into fruition.

After over two years of research, phone calls, emails and negotiations, we are getting very close to starting work on the project.

We are committed to being transparent with the way we spend our patrons' money and have included a spreadsheet of expenses below.

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