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Stage 1 plans approved by Network Rail

Network Rail have signed off stage 1 of our plans for Middleton Towers. We are now waiting for confirmation of a date for a line block (line closure) to be able to carry out stage 1 of our works.

The work will consist of:

  • Installation of a platform access gate.

  • Installation of a new picket fence panel next to the gate, with a promotional banner attached to it.

  • Installation of heras fencing on the land opposite the station, to mark for future use by the group.

  • Painting of the railway crossing gate posts.

  • Clearance of vegetation, as well as ivy from the back of the ticket office building and the freight wagon.

  • Pressure washing of the platform.

Our final submitted plans for stage 1 of the project can be seen on the below attachment.

Stage 1 plans
Download PDF • 8.75MB

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